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Bulletin Announcements for 02-02-14

Dusty, Jason, and Aby Holderfield placed the flowers on the altar and in the foyer in honor of Ann Holderfield and Hollis Holderfield’s birthdays.

The Deacons will meet Wednesday evening following mid-week services.

Beginning next Sunday afternoon, the Youth Praise Group will begin choir practice at 4:45.  All youth are invited to come out and join the group.

The Adult Choir will be having choir practice on Wednesday evenings at 5:30.

The Harmony Baptist Association Senior Adult Revival will be tomorrow through Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.  Dr. Greg Frizzell will be the evangelist.  Monday’s meeting will be at Hardin BC; Tuesday’s at Greenlee Memorial BC and Wednesday’s will be at Yorktown FBC. Lunch will be provided each day.

The Youth will be going skating on Saturday, February 15.

A Super Bowl Fellowship will begin at 4:30 this afternoon.  Bro. Clay Totty will be bringing a devotional during the halftime ceremony.  Everyone is asked to come out and bring their favorite “tailgating” food and join the activities.