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Bulletin Announcements for 02-16-14

The Trucks Family placed the flowers in memory of Barbara Trucks.

This morning, Bro. Danny will begin teaching a new Sunday School Class for younger couples.  This class will be for engaged couples and married couples college aged through 40.  This class will meet in the room between the nursery and the fellowship hall.

The Youth will begin meeting in the McKinney house.

Plans are being made for a Baby Dedication Service on March 9.   If you have a baby that you would like to have dedicated, please place their name the way you would like for it to be on a Bible on the sign-up sheet at the front of the sanctuary.

There is still time to sign up for the AARP Driver’s class to be held March 8 from 12:30-5:00 for those 55 years and older.  Cost is $15.00 if you are an AARP member and $20.00 for non members.

A sign-up sheet has been placed on the podium at the front of the sanctuary for anyone that would like to share their testimony with the church.


If you purchase anything for the church and require reimbursement, turn in your receipt to the office with your name, what it’s for and a quick note saying “for reimbursement” written on it.

If you charge anything to the church, turn in the receipt (or printout of the purchase if online) to the office, in a timely manner, with your name and what it’s for written on it.

Please be sure to enclose your offerings in an offering envelope with your name, date and amount written on the front.  The offering envelope is your “permanent record” of the offering.