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Bulletin Announcements for 04-20-14

Mr. and Mrs. Murry Freeman, Walt and Molly placed the altar flowers in memory of Charles McCurry and Russ McCurry.

There will be a bridal shower for Katie Clifton, bride- elect of Brett Davis, on Sunday, May 4 at 2:00 in the fellowship hall.  They are registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Dillard’s, Target, The Jewelry Box and Gentle Touch.

If you are going on the Petit Jean Retreat and want a shirt, Jimmy Bowlin or Shanna Knowles need your order and money by April 27.

The Prison Ministry at Cummins Prison is in need of men's pants, size 34 and up, to give to those who are being released from prison. If you would like to donate, items can be brought to Harmony Baptist Association, 2001 South Cherry Street in Pine Bluff. Thank you for your help.

We have reopened the Food Pantry for those in need of food.  We are in need of food to build up our supply.  We have a supply of green beans and corn, but we need other staple items to help feed the hungry.  Please help us with this need.

WE NEED YOUR HELP:  We have had a problem lately with doors being left unlocked after services.  If you are the last one leaving an area that has an outside door, please be sure that it is locked, especially the basement, and secondary doors to the fellowship hall and sanctuary.  Your help will be appreciated.